Sept. 16, 2020

Wholesaling Real Estate With Issac Grace Full Episode 009

Wholesaling Real Estate With Issac Grace Full Episode 009

A product of pain and streetlife, This young man could have kept down the stereotyped road instead, He beat poverty to become an acclaimed entrepreneur and the head trainer of the wholesaling division at Our Legacy Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Issac Grace is the co-founder of Jersey Shore Property Solutions, one of the best in business around the Monmouth, Middlesex & Burlington County, the Ocean, and New Jersey area.

Issac Grace did not have an easy childhood. He was 1 of 5 siblings, his father was incarcerated and hence was raised by his single mother. He dropped out of high school however he didn’t let his difficulties get the better of him. Now 27 years old, Issac Grace is a real estate entrepreneur and is one of the best in the market. 

During his interview with Subject Thread Podcast, Issac talked about his adversities that he suffered from during his childhood and teenage life. Issac takes great pride in his strive to help the youth. He does this through football mentorship as well as helping young business professionals in achieving their aims. He himself was an at risk youth and was part of a boxing program which helped him. This is why this endeavor is so important to him. 

The father of two is known for his positive mindset, devotion to work, charm and kindness to peers. 

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