April 26, 2021

The Love Conversations Love Series Part 1 *Bonus*

The Love Conversations Love Series Part 1 *Bonus*

Sound mood:   Adore - Prince

It is said that Prince completed the song Adore in 1986 without the initial trumpets, he felt like it was a great song but knew it needed to be complete and that's the way we can establish love we can believe something is good and then sit back and reflect and make something better. Love is complicated or are we more complex or bringing more complex issues to a simple concept in the 21st Century? Messages we get from social media, online dating, stories we hear from peers, and more often leave us wondering if we are doing this love thing right and is there a set standard to obtain it. Back in the 90's Mary J. Blige was singing Real love and in 2021 that song has us asking, really, is it or is it something that is make-believe like an enchanting love story, or is it something that is truly obtainable? 
Love Series 1.0  brought clarity and realism to the topic of connections through the lens of our guests discussing it all. There are no topics that are off-limits. In this bonus episode, we are joined by a diverse group to chat about singlehood, cheating, marriage, all forms of relational baggage, and more! 


  • Sharla R. Kornegay is an author, relationship coach, and host of "Forever Friends Podcast"
  • You Give Good Love - Whitney Houston
  • Tender Love - Force M.D. s
  • Can You Stand The Rain - New Edition 

  • Jessica Reed LPC-MHSP, NCC, Ed.S, BC-TMH is a licensed professional counselor and author
  • You Bring Me Joy - Anita Baker 
  • Ordinary People - John Legend
  • Adore - Prince

  • Aaronya is an entrepreneur, artist, and rapper
  • Lady Of My Life - Michael Jackson
  • Til The Cops Come Knockin - Maxwell
  • Something - The Beatles 

Aaronya's current single heard during this episode link below

All Around Me

  • Mariela Hill is an actress and entrepreneur
  • Dreamlover - Mariah Carey
  • You Bring Me Joy - Mary J. Blige
  • Fall In Love - Shai

  • Chef Kira J. is an international chef and entrepreneur 
  • As - Stevie Wonder
  • All This Love - Debarge
  • Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio 

  • Rodney Lenon is a fitness coach and transformational weight loss instructor
  • Heart Don't Stand A Change - Anderson Paak
  • Love Like This - Donnell Jones
  • Majic - Joe 

  • Nailah Lovell is a host of Subject Thread Podcast, vc, day trader, and entrepreneur 
  • It's Whatever - Aaliyah 
  • In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel 
  • Pink + White - Frank Ocean 

  • Hillary Banks is a graphic designer and photographer
  • Rapture - Anita Baker
  • Butta Love - Next
  • Heaven - Rude Boys 

"Love isn’t something you write, you experience it" - Blackish

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Written by:  Jessica Reed