Sept. 13, 2021

S 2 EP 40: Disk Jockey and Birmingham With Gina Tollese

S 2 EP 40: Disk Jockey and Birmingham With Gina Tollese

 Disk Jockey & Birmingham

Sound mood: What If by Aaliyah 

Music is a universal language that all walks of life can relate to it encompasses emotions from happiness, sadness, angry, and love. A Disc Jockey is a heartbeat to a party, wedding reception, and radio program they bring life into a space that would just translate into quietness without music, and when you have a DJ that is diverse in musical selections and it shows it makes the night more memorable. 

Gina Tollese Birmingham, Alabama has managed to do so in just a few short years. Gina uses the art form of music and gives you a symphony that can be heard in her mixes and events. 

Gina Tollese has spun at festivals such as Afropunk, Art Basel, and A3C and events fueled by Black Lives Matter, Cantu Beauty, Shea Moisture, STK, W Hotels, and Wish Atlanta to name a few.

During our exclusive, we spoke about dual entrepreneurship, making a hobby profitable, fashion, diversity in music, and more.

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