Oct. 21, 2020

Life After College Sports With Dr. ChiChi (@ask_drchi) Full Episode 018

Life After College Sports With Dr. ChiChi (@ask_drchi) Full Episode 018

Life After College Sports

Change sometimes is inevitable and that is something that a former college athlete who decided to make a shift towards medicine, Dr. Chinyere Okpaleke affectionately known as "Dr.ChiChi" knows firsthand.

She is now an MD and an entrepreneur in the State of Florida. , with her tireless efforts to provide maximum medical health to all, is creating ripples in the medical world.

She believes in helping and empathizing with people and hence goes the extra mile to assist and treat her patients.

When talking to Subject Thread Podcast, Dr. Chinyere shared insight about what her life was like when she made the shift from playing basketball in a D1 college for four years to devoting her life entirely to the medical world.  Dr. ChiChi spoke about her Nigerian heritage, and the injury that would change the course of her life.

Dr.  Chinyere also spoke about the real threat of Covid 19 and the importance of taking the disease seriously.

She even talked about her non-profit company, ‘Reality Speaks Inc.’ and how it came about.

When Dr. ChiChi witnessed the challenges and difficulties student-athletes face after graduation especially when it comes to establishing a career or even finding decent career choices, she decided to create a NGO called Reality Speaks.

The true purpose and essence of Reality Speaks is to help student-athletes to gear them up for life after college.  This includes finding them a career path by discovering their interests besides sports along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. ChiChi’s mission with Reality Speaks is to provide student-athletes with a series of programs through her NGO that will make their shift from athletics to discovering more interests and eventually a potential career much simpler and smooth-sailing for them.

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