Oct. 29, 2020

Tattoo Culture and Old Atlanta with Tattoo Pioneer Miya Bailey EP 020

Tattoo Culture and Old Atlanta with Tattoo Pioneer Miya Bailey EP 020

Tattoo Culture and Old Atlanta with Tattoo Pioneer @MiyaBailey

Co-Founder of City of Ink which now has three locations across Georgia alongside which was originally founded in 2006 with Tuki Carter and Corey Davis, Miya Bailey is known to be one of the most skilled and renowned tattoo artists in the world and one of the first people to specialize in color tattoos on people of color. But it doesn’t stop there; Miya has spread his wings across all things art.

Miya has been focused and encouraged to explore his artistic side ever since he was a child and soon discovered his love for fine art. His first experience with tattoos was in high school when he got an apprenticeship.

It wasn’t until he moved to Georgia from North Carolina for college that he considered becoming a professional tattoo artist. He has now been in the industry for almost three decades.

When talking to Subject Thread Podcast, Miya spoke about old Atlanta and how with time the art culture, gentrification has evolved and changed the city. Miya spoke about the LaFace Records and the staple it gave to Atlanta music and culture. He spoke about his love for Jazz artist John Coltrane and the meaning of Coltrane's spiritual hit "A Love Supreme", He even spoke about the differences between Jazz Legends Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

He even shared some insight about his fine art and how his work is contemporary and modern. He even shared what it’s been like working in the tattoo industry for so long and how dynamics have changed.

Miya is heavily involved in creating arts as well as being involved in the music and documentary world. He has been part of every Jack Honey Art, Beats, and Lyrics event to date.

Miya Bailey has also worked as an actor and producer. His most popular work is Color Outside the Lines (A Tattoo Documentary).

Miya's celebrity client roster has ranged from Kelly Price, Christie Michelle to Big KRIT just to name a few.

Miya Bailey continues to ink three to four people a week along with continuing to create art and is currently working on creating a community center in his neighborhood.

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