March 7, 2021

It's Whatever Prel·ude To Love *Bonus Episode*

It's Whatever Prel·ude To Love *Bonus Episode*

an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

sound mood:  Aaliyah It's Whatever

Love should feel like a 90s r & b song. So nostalgic, so fresh and so full of life. That’s the feeling I received at the last Verzuz TV featuring D’Angelo as he was performing I felt the first album all over again, I felt Crusin pierce my skin, I felt Lady touch my heart, and not that I don’t listen to the first album and others often because I do, however it hit different this time.  It hit me differently in the manner that it made me think about love, not a particular person but the notion of love, life and healthy love something a lot of people have yet to experience fully including myself.

Music is one of my love languages and it dates back to my first memories. I am so attached to music like it’s a spiritual thing for me, maybe it’s because my mom is a singer or the nostalgic memory of my dad doing a drug drop off as a kid listening to certain tunes. I correlate music to happy memories, sad memories, and future manifestations. It was no surprise that love and a nostalgia feeling were evoked that evening during D'Angelo's Veruz because of my love for music. It was a surprise for the feelings to follow. It made me think further, in the sense of the emails that get sent to the show, direct messages and past conversations with a guest about a quarter of my guest speak of a love experience and majority of questions I get is about love and entrepreneurship.

It made me think further. Why have I been avoiding doing an episode about the topic?
Which has led me to do this prelude bonus episode. This dives into my personal thoughts, some experiences, and the solution to finally address the topic of love on the show in an upcoming two-part series that will include panelists.

I felt like the subject of love cannot be defined in one episode because of the complexity surrounding it. I also felt like giving a prelude and being transparent from my perspective was super essential.  In the upcoming two-part series slated for April release, we will dive into several subjects surrounding love such as how childhood trauma correlates with love decisions, trust, abuse, healthy love, communication, and more. 

I’ve included my top 10 love songs playlist +  bonus songs to accompany this episode it narrates different personal parts of love experiences, places in times, and future possibilities.

Prel·ude to love playlist 

  •  You /Raheem DeVaughn
  • Voyage To Atlantis / The Isley Brothers
  • Show Me/Glen Jones
  • Pink + White/Frank Ocean
  • Sweet Sweet Love/Vesta Williams
  • What About Us/Jodeci
  • Come Live With Me Angel/Marvin Gaye
  • Adore/Prince
  • Higher/D'Angelo
  • Prototype/Outkast
  • Its Whatever/ Aaliyah bonus
  • Collide /Tiana Major9 F. Earthgang bonus
  • Nirvana/Sam Smith bonus

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