Dec. 1, 2020

Gallery. Barber. Curator with The Marcus Harvey EP 027

Gallery. Barber. Curator with The Marcus Harvey EP 027

A maestro with clippers, Marcus Harvey is giving unparalleled fades to many A-list Hollywood celebrities and creating art with clippers while at it.    

The 30 something Atlanta based barber has a celebrity client list which includes Chris Webber, Nas, and Grant Hill to name a few. 

It is not just through barbering that Marcus makes big money. He also does consulting for brands such as Bevel and Squire and has also ventured into television work. He is popularly known for being part of the trio in ‘Ghost Brothers’ on TLC. He is also a curator, comedian, and a social media influencer. 

Marcus Harvey has recently ventured into art by opening up his own art gallery called ‘The Musa Lair Art Gallery’ in the west side of Atlanta. The Art Gallery is within his grooming studio. He has dedicated this space to emerging contemporary artists from all across the globe in hopes that the gallery will give them the exposure they need all while nurturing his love for the art world.

His grooming studio just doesn’t give the classiest haircuts and finessed fades but also offers luxurious nails, massage services, and therapy sessions. He also has some of the best hair technicians in Atlanta working under him. 

M. Harvey believes that while people may think it’s impossible if you have the gift of skilled barbering you can easily make some serious money. He claims that if you really put your heart and soul into it you can definitely create an entrepreneur lifestyle in the barber world. 

During his exclusive with Subject Thread Podcast, He spoke about his upbringing, Atlanta's growth, The Bevel Brand, Parenting, Art, and more. 

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