Oct. 7, 2020

Steven G. the Savage Fenty Model Full Episode 014

Steven G. the Savage Fenty Model Full Episode 014

Subject Thread Podcast interviews Fashion Connoisseur & High End Fashion Photographer Steven G.

With over 7 years of experience in fashion photography and creative directing, and an expert at both still and motion photography, Steven G., based in the Midwest, is a renowned name in the industry for both stills and action shots. 

His work can be described as abstract, artistic, extremely aesthetically pleasing, and clean regardless of whether it is outdoor or indoor. He is known to put a lot of thought process before a photoshoot. This includes building a mood board, finding the ideal location, and gathering a team of professionals that will be ideal to bring the ideas to reality. His work can be seen from New York City to Los Angeles and somewhere in between.

In his interview with Subject Thread Podcast, Steven G. spoke about his recent signing with Bridge Models and modeling for Rihanna’s brand Savage x Fenty’s campaign of men’s underwear in which he has since broken the internet and given a realistic approach to diversity and body size. This is definitely a huge win for Rihanna who has recently celebrated the success of her second fashion show Savage X Fenty an Amazon exclusive encompassing all body sizes, ages, and sexualities. 

Steven was extremely hesitant and nervous being shirtless in front of the camera for the first time but he did something that most creatives do, They simply just let go of something for the greater good of creative he didn't want to be that guy that let an opportunity slip. 

He also talked about his spotlight feature earlier this year with Richfresh, a fashion designer out of Los Angeles, CA who’s changing the dynamics in the fashion industry.

Steven shared his ideas and goals for venturing further into the fashion industry. He plans on creating a clothing brand that is more size inclusive for males. He wants to make stylish and quality clothing for males who are big and taller. He spoke about the misconceptions about fashion and the midwest, growth for his brand, his go to sneaker, and his hybrid love for high end fashion with streetwear.

Steven hopes that his work inspires people and creates a spark within them. His work has been featured in many known magazines, commercials including Period Magazine, VoyageLA, and more.

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