Feb. 12, 2021

Dark Skin Body Art with Brandon Bean in Virginia Beach, VA S 02 Ep 09

Dark Skin Body Art with Brandon Bean in Virginia Beach, VA S 02 Ep 09

"Dark Skin Body Art" 

sound mood: Bigger Than Life Nipsey Hussle 

The words Dark Skin Body Art and Brandon Bean are almost synonymous. Brandon Bean Virginia Beach, VA is a well-known tattooist engaged in making people more beautiful with his expression of art. He uses the phrase "Dark Skin Body Art" as his brand name to showcase tattoos on people of color.

Virginia tattoo culture was nonexistent and illegal for a very long time, tattoo artist were tattooing underground despite bans by the state administration. After a lot of struggles, the state acknowledged the art of tattooing. Tattoos became a subject for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and people started taking more interest in tattoos.

Brandon himself was greatly inspired by the heroics of his predecessors and the opening up of opportunities in making tattoo art a career. He took up tattoos as the subject for his bachelor's degree after retiring from the Navy, he joined a tattoo shop called Artisan Body Piercing and Tattoo as a Tattoo Artist.

During our conversation, we spoke about the tattoo history of Hampton Roads, Brandon's Navy experience, the history behind "Dark Skin Body Art" conception, and his upcoming art projects.

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