Oct. 12, 2020

Art And Japanese History With Tim Okamura Full Episode 015

Art And Japanese History With Tim Okamura Full Episode 015

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Tim Okamura is a renowned, Canadian contemporary artist who currently resides in Brooklyn. Tim’s expertise is merging women of color in urban settings and highlighting their strengths, culture, resilience, and beauty through his art. 

He, delicately and extraordinarily, blends his realist art in graffiti and portrait techniques along with keeping the tones raw and is never afraid to experiment and stretch to the horizons of art. This inevitably results in some truly phenomenal work each time. 

Tim loves highlighting the unwavering vigor of women of color especially in times of suffering and oppression hence most of his work is based on depicting exactly that. 

While speaking to Subject Thread Podcast, Tim talked about his recent projects, one of which involves a Samurai gang, He also spoke about the history of oppression against Japanese Americans and Canadians during the Pearl Harbor era, He spoke about his love for music, Toni Morrison and He even shared as to why his primary focus is women of color. 

Tim’s unique ability to merge historic elements and street art together has gained him a lot of recognition across the globe. His work has been displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Douglass Udell Gallery, Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and Lyons Wier Gallery, New York to name a few. 

Tim conducted quite a few notable and highly successful solo exhibitions mostly across Canada and New York. 

Tim’s work has also been featured in quite a few motion pictures and he had the honor of being shortlisted for a portrait of Queen Elizabeth of England a few years back. 

Tim's work is nothing short of amazing.

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