Nov. 24, 2020

Climate, Human & Animal Activism in Atlanta with Christopher “Soul” Eubanks EP 026

Climate, Human & Animal Activism in Atlanta with Christopher “Soul” Eubanks EP 026

This year alone, Americans have taken the approach of a plant-based lifestyle. According to Beet African Americans are the fastest-growing group to go vegan.

Naturally sparking a conversation between Subject Thread Podcast and Christopher Soul Eubanks out of Atlanta, GA  once working in finance now a full-time well-known activist and leader within Atlanta’s vegan community, In the areas of Climate control, Human rights, and Animal Activism.

Soul Eubanks also has a creative resume which includes freelance creative photographer and videographer he believes in putting his mind and soul into his activism and raising his voice to create a better world for animals.

Highly spirited and impassioned towards animal rights, Soul Eubanks fully converted to veganism after being a vegetarian for a decade. He had the epiphany of changing his eating habits after watching the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’. However, he didn’t just stop there.

After shifting to veganism, Soul Eubanks started to take notice of the extent of ongoing animal suffering and cruelty and sheer disregard for their lives and safety and decided to make an effort in order to spark a change in the way the world treats animals. It has now been over a year that Christopher has been an activist against animal cruelty

While talking to Subject Thread Podcast, Soul Eubanks spoke about the difficulties and challenges he faced when he shifted from being a vegetarian to a vegan and how his friends and family took it. He even shared tips for people who are planning to or have recently made the transition to veganism.

He talked about his experience working with different animal rights organizations and his activism work. He even shared insight about his work as a musician and his recent freelance photography projects.

Soul Eubanks is now conducting university talks and does creative work in order to generate awareness of and to promote veganism as far as wide as he can. He even has a YouTube channel called Culture Vegan where he tries to help people who have recently shifted to veganism in adapting to the new lifestyle.

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