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April 9, 2021

The Funnel Doctor With Ryan McCrary S 2 EP 29 in Philadelphia, PA

The Funnel Doctor sound mood: Sometimes DMX The idea of a funnel is to show a message to a broad array of potential customers and networking opportunities. It opens doors to potential conversations that normally would have taken double the time to generate. Ryan McCrary is known as “The Funnel Doctor” is a former licensed investment professional turned digital marketer guru, who knows all about the funnel system from years of experience and current client projects. During our conversation with …

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March 22, 2021

Cyber Security With Tazin Khan Norelius Of Cyber Collective S 2 EP 23

Cyber Security and Data Privacy Advocacy sound mood: Check The Rhime A Tribe Called Quest Cyber Security, Internet protection can sound confusing to many, most people don’t change their passwords yearly and most people use their birthdays in the form of a password that statistically has been deemed unsafe. Cybersecurity is serious and not often talked about in spaces in which people of color are found. Security issues can appear in emails, phishing attacks, security breaches, and more, and that…

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Feb. 4, 2021

Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in Lagos, Nigeria with Uwem Uwemakpan S 02 E 06

Entrepreneurship, venture capital, technology, and ai intelligence all markers of the 21st century, and Uwem Uwemakpan is no stranger to any of those words. A start-up coach, entrepreneur, and a venture capital partner at Ingressive Capital are what his resume exudes but there’s more to the man than that just his accolades. He understands the notion of community, consistency, and the ability to keep going and that’s what he has been achieving throughout Sub-Saharan Africa wearing many hats in t…

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Sept. 2, 2020

The ‘LISNR’ TECH Effect with Rodney B. Williams Full Episode 006

Subject Thread Podcast Caught Up with Tech Founder of ‘LISNR’ and ‘Solo Funds’ Mr. Rodney B. Williams for an exclusive conversation. Rodney spoke about the climate of tech entrepreneurship in the black community in great detail, his West Indian roots, his aspirations to help communities of color, and low-income communities to ensure that they are also part of the advances technology brings. He also shared his experiences at Howard University, a sneak peek to his future endeavors and his thought…

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