Ko·ex·ist Series Episodes

March 17, 2021

Education. Social Activism. Equality with Mark Yabut, M.A., M.S.Ed. S 2 EP 22

Education. Social Activism. Equality sound mood: Beyonce - 7/11 (Danger Ultra Jersey Club Remix) Education and social activism in ways go hand and hand. For one, the one who is always seeming to educate a lot of times from a social activism standard, and in the case of Mark Yabut founder of Free Malaya it is no different. Mark’s story is a compelling one, a story of immigration, a story of education, and a story of LGBTQ rights. During our conversation, Mark spoke about his struggles, immigrati…

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Dec. 30, 2020

LIVE. LOVE. SERVE. With Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. EP 032

Ko·ex·ist As we are preparing for a new year it’s always a time to reflect, it’s always a time to improve, and it’s always a time to do better that is normally everyone's sentiment universally. This year in particular has been a measure of growth and loss for so many people. Universal languages that many of us can relate to is Love no matter race, religion, or walk of life. To open the dialogue to a deeper understanding of spirituality, individuals of faith, and the deeper understanding of univ…

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