April 15, 2021

Cannabis & CBD For Health & Wellness With Dr. June Chin S 2 EP 30

Cannabis & CBD For Health & Wellness With Dr. June Chin S 2 EP 30

Cannabis & CBD

sound mood:   Sussudio Phil Collins 

In the era of wellness and health in the form of yoga, meditation, nutrition, and exercise an element of health is often overlooked because up until the last few years the Cannabis conversation has been extremely biased. 

CBD & Cannabis a dynamic duo and evidence-based to help in pain management with those suffering from autoimmune, cancer, epilepsy, autism, and diabetics. 

Dr. June Chin, an integrative cannabinoid medicine physician has been an advocate for CBD & Cannabis properties for over 10 years penning  Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness book from personal history as a chronic pain survivor in addition to research and development of treating clients. 

During our conversation with Dr. Chin, we spoke about the New York recreational legalization of marijuana, her personal experience with chronic pain, nutrition, growing up in the Bronx, NY, and more. 

This episode is sponsored by Plug Plant Based everything green directory.

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